Carolyn's Introduction

This loving tribute to Tarot as Muse is a fundraiser for Ink People Center for the Arts, conceived by Kathryne DeLorme, Carolyn Ayres and Libby Maynard. The twenty-two images seen here have been made into a collectible Major Arcana Tarot Deck which can purchased online with Ink People or found at the following venues in Humboldt County. In Eureka, Humboldt Herbals at 300 2nd Street and the Sewell Gallery of Fine Arts at 423 F street. In Arcata, the Global Village Gallery at 973 H Street; Hair Unlimited at 1640 G Street and New World Water at 778 18th street The original art was exhibited July 7th, 2012 at the new Ink Annex, 47B West Third Street, Eureka, California.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

17. The Star

The Star can be seen as the place we come to after our world of the Tower has been blasted apart.  Here we are free, dissolved to a fluid where only the present exists.  No more worrying but only a deep healing, for all we have now is the expansive reality of connecting with our authentic Cosmic Self.  We have lost our false sense of reality of the Tower and can now rebuild on a more honest foundation.

Key Words: Divine revelation/ Meditation /Trust / Receptivity/ Peace after the storm                                                         

Regina  Case           The Star
“I had no experience with Tarot when I agreed to do this project, but the card that came to me could not have been more perfect.  I love everything about water; walking along it, sunlight patterns on it, looking down into all the amazing colors of it and most of all swimming in it. I live it, paint it, dream it.  In long walks upriver my mind becomes quiet and I am aware of my connection with the planet, a sort of timelessness, being. I was amazed to read that what the water represents in the Star described much of the focus of my life for years, learning to ignore the noise of the ego to allow for stillness and presence. The Star’s water symbolizes connecting with the earth, inspiration, knowing we are part of something greater. It is about letting go of your concept of self and trusting in the process, that something more than you can come through you.

For my painting, I decided to turn the traditional view around so the hands holding the water are the viewer’s, giving the viewer possession of that connection to the unconscious and intuition represented by the pool. The nighttime setting was a challenge since my paintings are so much about light. It became a matter of trusting in the process, of letting go constantly of what I’d already painted and covering it over with new layers, trying to let the light come into it in a new way.”

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