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This loving tribute to Tarot as Muse is a fundraiser for Ink People Center for the Arts, conceived by Kathryne DeLorme, Carolyn Ayres and Libby Maynard. The twenty-two images seen here have been made into a collectible Major Arcana Tarot Deck which can purchased online with Ink People or found at the following venues in Humboldt County. In Eureka, Humboldt Herbals at 300 2nd Street and the Sewell Gallery of Fine Arts at 423 F street. In Arcata, the Global Village Gallery at 973 H Street; Hair Unlimited at 1640 G Street and New World Water at 778 18th street The original art was exhibited July 7th, 2012 at the new Ink Annex, 47B West Third Street, Eureka, California.
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Friday, May 18, 2012

7. The Chariot

The Chariot can be seen as the emergence of the ego whose job is to help us navigate this physical dimension.  The Charioteer takes the Divine Will revealed in the Hierophant and expressed in the Lovers and takes it on the road. Here on our journey we learn that the art of keeping your chariot on the path is knowing when to surrender the reins and when to take control.

Key words: Begin Now!/ Focused intention/ Sense of soul purpose

Annie Reid                      The  Chariot

“I approached the Chariot image intuitively as is my practice. I envisioned the lovely spirals of the double helix, those coded messengers we call DNA, carrying critical messages from the ancients through time. I glimpsed the spiraling energy of the 3rd Chakra, driving our passions forward with the strength of our Will. I repeatedly recognized the 'Spira mirabilis', the miraculous logarithmic spiral that mirrors the movement of the universe. With all these wheels in motion, I wondered how I might possibly capture the essence of Chariot in a still painting?

Then, in late August, I was unexpectedly called to sit with my beloved Mother-in-law as her spirit struggled to leave her body. With her last breaths I witnessed the light of her soul lifting. As wings of angels fanned the air, I held the stillness and power of the Chariot driver assisting her transition between Spirit and Earth.

When I returned to the Chariot image it was with a heightened sense of devotion. The words of the spiritual, 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' rang true, yet with alternate insight. In the stillness of my sorrow I committed The Chariot's journey into art. In the process I found such peace and pleasure I never wanted to stop. When I traveled to Hawaii in February I brought the unfinished Chariot painting with me. There, I was mesmerized by the curling waves as they repeated the timeless spiral of universal momentum and I began to lay the final brushstrokes onto the image.”

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