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This loving tribute to Tarot as Muse is a fundraiser for Ink People Center for the Arts, conceived by Kathryne DeLorme, Carolyn Ayres and Libby Maynard. The twenty-two images seen here have been made into a collectible Major Arcana Tarot Deck which can purchased online with Ink People or found at the following venues in Humboldt County. In Eureka, Humboldt Herbals at 300 2nd Street and the Sewell Gallery of Fine Arts at 423 F street. In Arcata, the Global Village Gallery at 973 H Street; Hair Unlimited at 1640 G Street and New World Water at 778 18th street The original art was exhibited July 7th, 2012 at the new Ink Annex, 47B West Third Street, Eureka, California.
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Friday, May 25, 2012

2. The High Priestess

The High Priestess can be seen as our unconscious, that part of us who has access to all knowledge, whose wisdom within us speaks with our intuitive hits.  You might meet her deep in meditation for she reflects the light of Divine consciousness too brilliant to behold, offering an image of source to reflect upon.  As the Number Two the Priestess marks the beginning of duality, the necessary contrast for evolution. She is the invisible guide on our journey.
Key Words:  The anima / Deep intuitive knowing/ Receptivity/ You have the answers within 

High Priestess           Libby George 
“After drawing my card from the deck, I wanted to learn what the High Priestess represented historically.  I scanned the Internet for images (and there are many) and talked with people who practice tarot.  I read article after article and decided there was too much to learn in just one year.  So I let go of research and began working in my studio. I didn’t know what my High Priestess would look like or how I would find her. 
It was a messy long slog.  I changed the image a dozen times.  I made carborundum plates, drypoint plates, and monoprint plates.  I would get close only to crack the plate and be forced to start again. At some point during this chaos of disappointments I found an old yoga book and felt compelled to stretch. I had not practiced yoga in thirty years.
The creative process was not easy and in February, failed prints scattered everywhere, I let go of all expectation.  I went home thinking ‘this is not going to happen’.  I came back the next day prepared for more of the big nothing but instead the High Priestess began to show up with birds, the moon, and the earth and I recognized her. 
I cannot say if it is her face or stretching again, but I feel good about the journey now.”

See more of Libby George's work on her website

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