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This loving tribute to Tarot as Muse is a fundraiser for Ink People Center for the Arts, conceived by Kathryne DeLorme, Carolyn Ayres and Libby Maynard. The twenty-two images seen here have been made into a collectible Major Arcana Tarot Deck which can purchased online with Ink People or found at the following venues in Humboldt County. In Eureka, Humboldt Herbals at 300 2nd Street and the Sewell Gallery of Fine Arts at 423 F street. In Arcata, the Global Village Gallery at 973 H Street; Hair Unlimited at 1640 G Street and New World Water at 778 18th street The original art was exhibited July 7th, 2012 at the new Ink Annex, 47B West Third Street, Eureka, California.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

20. Judgement

Judgement can be seen as the calling up of the soul for release, the beginning of the personal consciousness blending into universal consciousness.  Here on the path we are asked to make a radical break from the past so that it no longer has any power over our present.  This is not about death but about release from all limitation  External judgement no longer has any meaning, for you are the creator of all that exists in your world.
Key Words: Resurrection/ Resolution /Awakening/ Moving on from suffering/ The last illusion/ The breaking of the enchantment in fairy tales

Cat McAdams                  Judgement

When I drew the Judgement card, I immediately got the one image from the traditional Christianity that truly disturbs me.  The old guy with the white beard, or one of his angels, judges hapless souls to ETERNAL Heaven or Hell, no matter what lousy excuse for a human lifetime they got.  Later, during the same meeting, another image came to me.  A fork in the trail on a recent backpacking trip, symbolizing that we choose our own fate, the person we become is the result of all the choices we make in our daily life.  Perhaps because the traditional image is so powerful, so iconic, is the reason it took me ten different designs and two paintings to escape it. - I’ll paint it again.
This process changed my approach to paint. I want the rest of my work to have this much meaning. One fascinating thing about creating these ten designs is how the feedback loop of what worked visually helped develop the symbolism.  For instance, the human figure in my second Judgement painting  
looked good in the same color as the Sun-Universe-Great Spirit image.  I then realized that we are of the same nature as the good energy of the Universe, and we are bound to come back to it eventually even if we explore a dark path.  I also found that creating white paths worked best visually. This made me realize that all paths are of the light. All paths are a learning experience. 

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